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History of the Russian Red Cross

Russian Red Cross is one of the world’s oldest humanitarian organizations, established by the imperial family in 1867.

The Mission of the organization is to prevent and alleviate human suffering during armed conflicts, natural disasters and peace-time, to protect human life and health and to insure respect for human dignity.

Russian Red Cross – is a member of the world’s largest humanitarian society - International Movement of Red Cross and Red Crescent.

Dates from history

May 8th, The Birthday of Henry Dunant, who’s name is in the history of the International Red Cross Movement foundation, it is also an International Red Cross Day.

1863 – the 1st International Conference took place. The participants from 16 countries accepted 10 points of resolution, which became the prototype of the Red Cross Regulations. At the same time an international unique logo was accepted, it provided legal protection on the battlefields –Red Cross with the white background.

1864—in Geneva the Diplomatic conference was conducted. The representatives from 12 countries signed the 1st Geneva’s Convention on the improvement of care of the wounded and the sick. The first time in the history it was proclaimed that battlefield and military hospitals with their medical personnel were inviolable, as well as obligation was taken to take care of the wounded soldiers independently from their nationality. Officially the emblem of Red Cross with the white background was accepted.

On the 10th of May, 1867, The Russian state ratified the first Geneva’s Convention.

On the 15th of May, 1867, Alexander II approved the first Charter of the Russian Society of the Red Cross (RSRR), thus initiating its development in Russia.

In 1901 – The founder of the Red Cross was nominated with the Nobel Prize.

In 1917 the International Committee of the Red Cross was nominated with the Nobel Prize for its humane activity during the World War I.

In 1944 the International Committee of the Red Cross was nominated with the Nobel Prize for its humane activity during World War II.

In 1963 the Red Cross and Red Crescent was nominated with the Nobel Prize for the 100 anniversary of its movement.

Irkutsk Regional Branch of the RRC

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