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«Hot line on HIV issues »
«Hot line on rehabilitation issues »
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UNESCO Strategy on Education in the sphere of HIV prevention

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Date received: 2008-06-06

Language: Русский

Code: 193

Year published: 2004

Organization: UNESCO

Carrier: Printed

Introductory word of UNESCO General Director. Situation review: HIV/AIDS aggravates already existing problems. It is impossible to get cured of HIV. Vaccine is not developed yet. The nature of the disease. The scale of not being informed. Education - the most important instrument. UN Commitment on HIV/AIDS. UNESCO: variety of professional levels and experience. Violence against women and HIV/AIDS. Samples of achievements, Regional strategies. Information portals.

Introductory word. Main activities during the year 2004. Geographical coverage of AFEW. Program development. Organization and staff. Public...

December 1 - World AIDS Day

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