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Methodological recommendations on organizing medical-social-psychological assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS and their family members. Materials to assist a social worker.

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Date received: 2008-06-06

Language: Русский

Code: 209

Year published: 2005

Organization: Kaliningrad Center of Social Assistance to Families and Children. Irkutsk Regional Branch of the Russian Red Cross. Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

Carrier: Printed

This collection contains international-legal documents of World Health Organization, norm and legal regulations of the Russian Federation in the sphere of prevention and fight against HIV/AIDS. Methodological recommendations for managers and specialists of social protection establishments, providing assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS were developed on the basis of study and analysis of international and Russian experience, practical work on providing social services in this sphere.

This issue contains data on children born to HIV-positive mothers in the regions of Russia during the period of 1996-2000, and on the prophylaxis...

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