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12.11.2009 - It is possible to download The Positive Pregnancy Guide in Russian!


Congratulations! How exciting! This is a happy time for you as you begin planning for a new member in your family. This is also a time to be very involved in your healthcare because you have HIV.

You may have just discovered you have HIV or you may have known your HIV status for many years. You probably have many questions about your health and the health of your unborn baby. You will need to learn not just about pregnancy, but how HIV affects both you and your unborn baby.

This Guide will answer many of your questions and provide you with knowledge you will need to make decisions for your healthcare. Your medical team`s goals are for you to be as healthy as possible during and after your pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby who is free of HIV.

You may download the Guide in our Library Section “Children and HIV-infection” (code 640) at

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December 1 - World AIDS Day

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