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Emergency preparedness and response

One of the active goals of the Russian Red Cross is to reduce the number of victims of natural disasters, anthropogenic catastrophes, and other emergency situations, as well as to reduce the scale and degree of negative effects on populations touched by disaster. In this area, the Red Cross carries out work rendering on time and comprehensive care and support to people suffering as the result of a natural disaster, anthropogenic catastrophe, or other emergency situation, including emergencies related to epidemics.

The Irkutsk Red Cross conducts work in the following areas:

— Rendering urgent humanitarian help to victims of natural disasters, emergencies, and catastrophes (aid programs for populations affected by emergency situations);
— Organizing an operational force for work in emergency situations (necessary specialists, psychologists, volunteers);
— Preparing the population to react in emergency situations (training the population to administer first aid and instruction in care for the sick);
— Carrying out active work in the fight against especially dangerous illnesses.

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December 1 - World AIDS Day

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