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Irkutsk city, 2-nd Zheleznodorozhnaya st., 9
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Thank you for your donation to Russian Red Cross Irkutsk Oblast Branch!


You can give any sum towards our account:

You can make bank account from a neighborhood branch of Sberegatelny bank of the Russian Federation or other commercial bank of Russia.
Attention! You have to note “Donation” in the column “Payment destination”.
Our invoice:

Irkutsk Oblast Branch of All-Russia Public Organization “Russian Red Cross”
Legal address:
39, Karl Marks street
Postal address:
39, Karl Marks street
Irkutsk, post office box 152

Bank settlement account 40703810318350100728
Correspondent account 30101810900000000607
Bank name - Baikalsky Bank SB RF, Sberegatelny bank branch 8586 of Irkutsk
BIK (bank identification code) 042520607
INN (identification number of a taxpayer) 3808016470 PP (tax registration reason code) 380801001
GRN (nationwide registration number) 1023800001830

Our foreign currency account


For payment in US dollars:
Account 890-0260-394 Bank of Foreing Trade, Irkutsk Branch, Irkutsk (SWIFT: VTBRRUM2IRK) in The Bank of New York, New York, N.Y. (SWIFT: IRVTUS3N)

For payment in Euros:
Account 400 886619600 EUR Bank of Foreign Trade, Moscow (SWIFT: VTBRRUMM) with Commerzbank, Frankfurt am Main (SWIFT: COBADEFF) in favor Irkutsk Branch of Red Cross account 40703840508001000109. Account   100 949808010 Bank of Foreign Trade, Moscow (SWIFT: VTBRRUMM) with Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt am Main (DEUT DE FF) in favor Irkutsk Branch of Red Cross account 40703840508001000109


Thank you. You help us to help others!

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