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One of the Russian Red Cross’s main tasks is the defense of the interests and rights of vulnerable sectors of the population and to improve their abilities to solve their problems on their own. Every year we witness the development and activation of informational, promotional, and advocacy work, all directed at the fight against intolerance towards socially isolated people and against discrimination, in all shapes and forms of its manifestations. With these objectives, in the framework of every one of our programs, we impact the lives of the most vulnerable, underprivileged, and impoverished strata of society. We impact the lives of those to whom we provide first-hand help, and the lives of those in whom we aim to awaken social activity, initiative, and preparedness to solve problems on their own. We impact the lives of those, among whom we develop culture, traditions, and a system of collective defense of their legal rights and interests. We promote various forms of mutual assistance and mutual support, in addition among members of government bodies (all branches and all levels). We bring the most vitally important problems, needs, and aspirations to the corresponding government agencies, services, and structures. We prompt them to take more responsibility to fulfill their obligations in respect to these groups through the process of direct communication and through indirect influence.

This document contains stories of life - when various people - starting with people living with HIV, including activists and people in prison -...

December 1 - World AIDS Day

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