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«Hot line on HIV issues »
«Hot line on rehabilitation issues »
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Dealing with Hard-to-reach Audiences

These programs aimed at preservation of health, ability to work, socialization and re-socialization into society, providing and supporting rights of PLWHA and their immediate environment. These programs provide for consultation (psychological, informational, or legal), various forms of group work, rendering of various services (palliative care, trainings, early-development school, speech therapists, etc.), social and humanitarian help to people living with HIV, and members of their families.

These programs provide for each target group’s access to professional services with the guarantee of confidentially, and if the client desires, anonymity.

Participation in these aid programs provides target groups not only with psychological, social, and legal support, but also orients them toward the formation, maintenance and adherence to regular doctor visits, treatment, and a healthy lifestyle, all of which plays a large role in prevention.

Harm Reduction of Drug Abuse among Injective Drug Addicted

Providing complex care and support to people, affected by abuse of narcotics

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December 1 - World AIDS Day

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